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SI Consulting specializes in women’s business development.  Dr. Ibrahim, due to her extensive experience in women’s business development, recognizes the motivating factors in starting a business for a woman and helps women starting their own businesses in a successful way.  Dr. Ibrahim understands the gender-related challenges that still exist and coaches women to defeat them.  Dr. Ibrahim advises leaders on how to handle discrimination issues and how business challenges (cash flow, finding new customers. vendors and qualified employees) are varied from one company to another.

Women Working with Women                                                                     

What inspires today’s woman?  How can women support other women while becoming better at individual achievements?  Learn how women multi-taskers can accomplish enormous goals in today’s work environment through better organizational skills.

Women’s Climb Up the Corporate Ladder

How far have women come since the 1960’s?  What have women attained that adds to the business evolution in the U.S. business culture globally?

Consider these study findings conducted by WestGroup Research.

  • Motivating factors in starting a business. Women cited varied reasons for starting their own business, with the most common being control/be your own boss/be in charge (37%), followed by financial gain (16%) and pursuing their dream (15%).
  • Who they are. Women who own their business are a median age of 43 years old and may or may not (about half) have a college degree. Their median household income is $74,000 for those who started their business and $59,200 for those who took over an existing business.
  • Gender-related challenges still exist. Discrimination is the issue women mentioned facing most often. One out of three could recall specific instances or overall impressions of feeling discrimination because of being a women-owned business.
  • How women-owned businesses handle discrimination issues. When it comes to fighting discrimination, 21% of women say they address the issue by working harder. Another 14% said they build a good reputation, and 10% cited persistence as their method of choice for overcoming the challenge.
  • Business challenges are varied. Women-owned businesses say they face challenges in a variety of areas, including cash flow/not enough money (20%), finding and retaining qualified employees (17%) and finding customers (11%).
  • There are several ways women-owned businesses are different from other businesses. They seem to have a greater need in knowing how to run a company and less of a need for finding/retaining employees. And compared to other companies, women-owned businesses are more open to learning from others, especially industry experts and those who have experience in their field.
  • Women look to experts for advice. If they could have anyone give them advice, women business owners would most want to meet with industry experts in their field.
  • What women-owned businesses look like. The typical women-owned business is a sole proprietorship with annual revenues of $119,900. They have three employees and have been in business for about 11 years. Six in ten are family owned.

Source: Salt River Project. 

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