Family Owned Business Consulting

SI Consulting specializes in small to mid-sized family-owned businesses, succession planning and business development.

Family-owned businesses have the complexities of transferring leadership to the next generation with not only the business, but also emotional involvement.  The growing international business world demands continual assessment of personal philosophies, attitudes, habits, and actions in the family workplace.

Does your daily routine in the workplace promote collaboration, critical thinking and creative action? 

Flexible family members increase the chances for success.  A thriving business succession is not only the result of a prosperous economy, but also the result of a flourishing organizational culture that promotes individual and collective transformation.

SI Consulting focuses on four (4) key issues.

Transformation – Change through Inspiration

All effective leaders are inspirational, motivational, charismatic, and intelligent. We help you focus on how to effectively pass information from generation to generation. 

Leadership versus Management – Filling the Inspiration Gap

Do leaders inspire productivity or increase the gap separating management and employees?  Motivated leadership will guide and inspire employees toward a company’s highest goals.  SI Consulting shows you how to develop proficient leadership and attain corporate visions and goals.

The New Diversity – Ethics & Solving Socio-Cultural Conflict          

Culture drives the structure of every organization and the level and speed of innovation.  Is monitoring necessary?  Let us show you how corporate ethics and culture support success or determine failure with family succession.       

Critical Thinking & Innovative Problem Solving

Culture drives the structure of every organization, level and speed of innovation and the final succession.

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